It’s my birthday! – $10 Amazon GC Giveaway

Today is my birthday! To celebrate, I’m giving away a $10 gift card to Amazon to a randomly selected reader who posts a picture of a dragon in my honor somewhere on social media today! (tag me in it so I can count it — (Facebook  | Instagram  | Twitter)

Update on The Dragon’s Cave Publication

the-dragons-cave-coverI turned in my edits for The Dragon’s Cave to Kindle Press last week, so I expect to hear in the next couple of weeks when my book will go on preorder and the final publication date. I think it could be as soon as six to eight weeks from now!

If you nominated it on Kindle Scout, you’ll receive it when it goes on preorder (they’re hoping you’ll be the first reviewers!).

Tucson Festival of Books

I’m lucky to have a huge book festival right in my home town. I took the kids to the Tucson Festival of Books to check out our new favorite author, Shannon Messenger.  If you haven’t read her series, Keeper of the Lost Cities–we highly recommend it!

Rose-Marie Lyttle and Shannon Messenger

I snapped a photo of Shannon Messenger at her book signing.  Yes, that’s a necklace made of flowers that my son made for me that morning–lol!

nataliewrightWe also picked up the first book in local Tucson young adult author Natalie Wright’s the Akasha Chronicles. The ebook version is FREE on Amazon–check it out!


The Dragon’s Cave has been Selected for Publication!

I’m so thrilled to report that The Dragon’s Cave won the Kindle Scout nomination for publication and will soon be published by Kindle Press!  I’m not sure of the release date yet, but everyone who nominated me will receive a free Advance Review Copy (ARC) before it’s published.

I understand there may be another round of edits before it goes to press, so that will probably determine the publication date.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.

I’m so excited!!


An Update on The Dragon’s Cave

15931934 - chinese style dragon statue in temple
(c) 123rf Stock Photo

After sitting on the manuscript for my first middle grade novel for over a year, I finally finished edits and sent it off for publication.

The prompting came from Katie Rose, my eleven-year-old, who seemed to have an avatar moment. We were driving home and she asked me what I was thinking about.

I replied, “an idea for a new book.”

She suddenly took on a commanding tone. “Mom, you need to publish The Dragon’s Cave. I love that book and it needs to be out in the world.”

She spoke with such conviction that I decided to follow her advice. I could re-write until I’m ninety and probably never think it’s perfect. It’s time to move it off my plate and move on to fresh projects!

Today I worked with copywriting guru Bryan Cohen to rework my blurb, and I pretty much love the way it came out. See what you think.