Look what just came in the mail… #kidlit


Signed copies of four books by Mary Brodsky (illustrated by Audrey Jung).  The kids and I are looking forward to reading these together tonight!  Thank you!!

Collage of 4 books by Mary Brodsky


Mac and Cheese Taste Test

My daughter claims she only likes the Trader Joe’s brand white cheddar shells. My husband bet her five bucks that if he made five different kinds of mac and cheese, she wouldn’t be able to identify her favorite one.  We invited some other kids over for a blind taste test, with seven different brands of shell macaroni and cheese.  The kids rated them on a scale of 1-10.

The order below is how the test taste came out, with Annie’s Creamy Deluxe taking the win. My daughter’s came in second to last, but she did rank it as her highest, so she won the bet!  20150107_175026

Cave Research

I took my kids to see Colossal Cave over the holiday, which gave me a chance to do a little hands-on research for my current wip The Dragon’s Cave.  The cave has been open to the public since the 1800’s, which means it has not been as carefully controlled as Karchner Caverns. At Colossal Cave, there are stones that have been worn smooth from touch. It makes for a great experience for kids, complete with the tale of outlaws and hidden treasure.

The cave I imagine in The Dragon’s Cave is colored with gems in blue, black and green, while this one is oranges and reds. You can see some of the beautiful natural architecture in this photo:

Colossal Cave